VidyaLink – A complete School Management System

VidyaLink School Management System

At Syscogen Cognitech, we have an elaborate School Management System software called VidyaLink that can be readily used by top educational institutions to have an organized outlook towards management.

The software is based on a number of principles and makes a fine specimen for school administrators, making the whole process smoother, faster, and more effective.

Here are some of the salient features you will find with VidyaLink:

1. Student database management - from attendance to performance

2. Fees payment management and Log

3. Log of school supplies for regular academic and extracurricular activities

4. Student Evaluation Log

5. Bio-Metric Attendance And more.

VidyaLink School Management System

Once you buy VidyaLink and use it for your academic institution, the process is going to become so much easier than you have ever imagined.

So why not give your institution a new and more organized way of bringing together the best services for your teacher and students.